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200Hr YTT

"Is teaching yoga your ambition? then we'll make it our sole mission - to see you in your desired position.

Curriculum :

7.30 - 8.45

Skills : guided practice

Experience the course content in an immersive way. These sessions are the perfect way to feel and try out the various practices of yoga, as well as different elements of teaching and gain a deeper, more complete, understanding. We'll explore the subtle and unique nuances of each session, from simple changes in class environmet, to trying out different styles and methods. Uncover tools to support you to develop an even stronger sense of self and personal relationship. The stronger you are on all levels, the more authentic and successful a teacher you will become.

8.45 - 9.00


9.00 - 9.30

Sharing Circle

Sharing circles are a chance for us to check in with each of you to see how you're doing mentally, physically and emotionally. It's an opportunity to ask questions, have topics elabourated upon or reveiwed, and to get on the same page with expectations for the day/weekend.

9.30 - 11.00

Source : lecture discussion practical

To truly understand yoga, you must go to the source. This section gives you access to the rich history and knowledge of yoga. You’ll explore its Vedic roots, becoming familiar with the classic yogic texts such as the Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita and Yoga Sutras to the more modern Hatha Yoga Pradipika. You’ll learn the relationship between postures (asana), control of life-force (pranayama), and meditation (dhyana), and see how yoga has been shaped and developed over the years to the modern practices we see today. You will be led to live in harmony with your authentic purpose, unlock the power within and find true balance and bliss (samadhi).

11.00 - 12.30

Science : lecture discussion practical

The Science category is an essential exploration into the anatomy of the human body and how it interacts with practicing yoga. Gain an invaluable insight into the anatomy of the human body with subjects such as new generation anatomy and applied physiology, yoga kinesiology and the science of stretching. This will provide you with a better understanding of the workings of muscles, fascia, myofascial meridians, (understand that your muscles run in holistic, whole-body lines, not singular muscles as many people think), unique bones and joints (where every student is different). How to use this information to avoid common injury pitfalls in the yoga postures. By understaning what is stopping you in each poes, differentiating between tension and compression you will not only be better informed to help your student, you’ll become aware of your own physical limitations. Moreover, you'll explore the mind-body connection, focusing on the nervous system, including the 'fight, flight, freeze' stress response, respiratory system, cardiovascular/circulatory, endocrine, and digestive systems Unlock the secrets of the human body and you'll be fully equipped to teach yoga with current knowledge and confidence like never before.

12.30 - 13.30


13.30 - 14.30

Skills : posture labs

In the physical body practice section, you’ll learn postures and movement that'll boost your overall health and wellbeing. With an in-depth study of each pose, youll understand their effects and what it takes to properly ground, support and express, creating more steadiness and ease in the body. You'll know how to align based on individual anatomy, how to modify to best suit various needs and how the postures can be grouped together, integrated and counterbalanced. The subtle body practices are designed to help you become more aware of your thoughts and emotions, developing a deeper awareness of self. You’ll learn various breathing techniques that can help balance the nervous system, increase energy and life force, and promote greater mental clarity and emotional stability. This section also covers the energy centres (chakras). By exploring these centres you can gain clarity, direction and create more balance and harmony in your life. The causal body practices help to sharpen concentration and focus, increase mental clarity, and cultivate insight and wisdom. You’ll be guided through various meditative practices that can help you to gain greater control over your thoughts and feelings, so that you can create the life you love. This section will allow you to feel more connected, more grounded, and more empowered on and off the mat. Learn how to use the power of yoga to transform your life!

14.30 - 15.30

Share : teaching practice

Here, learning is put into action. You'll have the opportunity to practice and experiment with diverse aprroaches, techniques and methodologies. This section will provide you with the guidance and support necessary to ensure that you become a well-rounded, truly exceptional yoga teacher, fully equipped with the skills and resources necessary to excel in the yoga industry. You'll learn the essential skills for teaching yoga. How to correctly cue classes, (verbally, visually, physically) and gauge misalignments students often make and instead focusing on the deeper myofascial meridian lines, using physics - opposite reaction principles to allow the poses to feel less heavy / joint compressive. ​ You'll find your voice, discover your powerful message, and learn how to sequence intelligently and progressively. We'll also cover other methodologies, pace, environment, class management and much more. In addition to these core topics, we will go into the necessary business and professional development skills for a successful yoga teaching career. This includes timeliness, consistency, cleanliness, marketing, promotion, liability insurance, waivers, and invoicing. We have spent many many years perfecting our teaching and we are passionate about sharing our methods and experience with you, so that you can become the best you can be and reach your full potential. With the combination of feedback, hands-on practice, and mentorship, you will be fully prepared to share your knowledge and love of yoga with your students.

15.30 - 16.30

Source : philosophy

With powerful yoga philosophies of transformation and self-centering, you'll learn how to parallel them in a physical practice and in your life, to effect total transformation. This section will grant you the knowledge and wisdom to teach and practice yoga successfully with integrity, gaining the accountability and responsibility necessary to increase equity in yoga.

Ex. Schedule

"Does your mind need assistance? To quieten down,
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persistence! To know you'll need to stop and sit, now the practice begins. That's it!"

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  • What shall I bring to class?
    Just yourself and anything that supports your practice. We have mats and props available for use. You are always welcome to bring your own. We do not sell bottled water, but your'e welcome to fill up your own at the studio.
  • What shall I wear?
    Wear simple breathable clothing that does not limit your range of motion. For Strength, Sculpt & Stretch classes; an outfit you'd wear on a jog would work well. For Soothe classes, where there is less/no dynamic movement, wear a few more layers. Barefoot is best, socks for Soothe classes. Shoes will be left at the door.
  • How many people will be in class? Will I get personal attention?
    Our studio holds up to 15 students. Our teachers typically offer hands-on assistance during class. We always ask permission prior. Please don't hesitate to ask, if you have any questions or concerns regarding hands-on.
  • What type of class should I attend?
    There is a class for everyone at Stretchy's. Please see our class styles, above, for descriptions. If you are new to yoga asana, we recommend starting with a Stretch or Soothe class, or a morning session.
  • I have an injury, can I still practice?
    That depends. What did your Dr/physical therapist/provider say? Many students find yoga to be a helpful resource when working through an injury but it depends on the specifics and severity. Please consult with your Dr/therapist and inform your teacher what is going on so that we can work through any necessary modifications for class. We are here to help, but are not qualified to diagnose. Your physician or intuition are the first lines of defence when working with an injury.
  • Can I book a private or small group session?
    Of course! Working one-on-one is a great way to delve into the unique needs of your practice with a teacher. Please reach out to schedule in. Rates vary depending on instructor, group size and frequency. For more details on rates see Private Sessions on our Staff Page.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    We have a 24 hour cancellation policy on all classes so please be aware of this when booking that your'e not sure your'e going to make. You can cancel or rearrange an up coming class via your Stretchy account page.
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