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Cue In




Counter Poses


"See the variations,
simple to complex
See visuals video below 1 STRAP QUAD STRETCH : For those that can’t yet reach their foot. No backbend. 2 QUAD STRETCH : Stretches the quads without the backbend. 3 FROG POSE VARIATION : Adds the backbend in further stretching the front body minus the intense shoulder stretch as in pose 4. 4 FROG POSE : Adds the backbend in further stretching the front body including shoulder, chest, abdominals, hip flexors, quadriceps. 5 SPHINX STRAP HALF BOW : For those that prefer to not foot hold, strap gives more space and the student can kick back into it to mimic this supported bow variation. 6 SPHINX HALF BOW : Uses support of forearm as in Sphinx Pose and the back leg grounded to come into an easier bow stretch. 7 SEAL HALF BOW : The front arm is in Seal Pose and the rest the same as above. 8 HALF BOW : Only holding one foot, so a little less intense. But still lifting both arms and legs against gravity. 9 STRAP FLIP GRIP HALF BOW : Use a strap to flip the grip, elbow up to ceiling. 10 FLIP GRIP HALF BOW : This pose requires strong and open shoulders to work against the foot pulling the arm too far back as it kicks into hand. 11 STRAP BOW - For those that aren’t going for the foot holds, this makes the pose accessible and the student can get a sense of the full expression of Bow Pose. 12 BOW POSE 13 FLEXED FOOT BOW : Some find the calf engagement helpful to add stiffness around the knees. Kick feet back rather than upwards. Feels more grounded. 14 REVERSE HAND GRIP BOW : Pulls down front arm lines, and chest differently to usual grip. 15 HALF FROG HALF FLIP GRIP : Good for coordination, one hand presses the foot down for frog and the other flips and is lifted back. 16 REVOLVED HALF FRONG HALF BOW : Again good for the brain to work this one out. Opposite hands to feet and the arms do the opposite things, one side the elbow bends and hand pushes foot down for frog and the other elbow extends and the foot kicks back into hand.
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