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Sat, 18 Feb



100 Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training 2

18th 19th Feb 11th 12th March 25th 26th March 1st 2nd April

Time & Location

18 Feb 2023, 07:30 – 02 Apr 2023, 16:30

Cardiff, 99 Woodville Rd, Cardiff CF24 4DY, UK

About the event

Welcome to the Yin side. If you wish to EXPAND your yoga REPERTOIRE, REFINE your SKILLS as a teacher, INCREASE your SUBTLE AWARENESS, IMPROVE the QUALITY of your classes, BALANCE OUT your yang practice and stay INFORMED, with alll the VALUABLE, up-to-date information this course has to offer (which we can't wait to share), then for all these reasons and likely many more,  this training is for you! Stretchy Suzie's Yin Yoga TT will take you to ANOTHER LEVEL.Yin yoga has been with us since the beginning of physical yoga (asana); but as time progressed, yoga has become more and more yang-like in nature: more aerobic, energetic, hot, muscular, and demanding. Everything requires balance, and yin yoga is the balancing practice for yang forms of yoga. Yin yoga is slow, deliberate, calming, and yes, challenging, yet allowing. It is the “other half” of your practice that you may have been craving.

In yin yoga there is time. . . lots of time: time to explore sensations; time to learn the appropriate depth for you in each posture; time to develop the habits of attending, noticing, and making appropriate decisions.

In this trining, you will learn the techniques of yin yoga in a way that will allow you to share this subtle, meditative practice with others. You'll develop your own strategies for teaching and working with all kinds of students, guiding them to listen to their body and find their edge.

No previous experience is required, we MEET YOU WHERE YOU ARE, wether beginner to Yin Yoga, beginner to Yoga in general, or an experienced teacher. You will DEEPEN your own practice gaining more insights and FINE TUNE yourself, observing the POWERFUL TRANSFORMATIVE effects of the practice. You will make an experiential connection to all that you have heard or read about of prana (energy) releasing tension, blocks, or barriers on many levels. Thus providing the opportunity to EMPOWER the lives of so many others both on and off the mat.Through this training, you will find that your teaching of all styles of yoga will be affected through the many realisations you’ll experience. 


  • Gain a new awareness of the wide range of anatomical human variation, which includes your own uniqueness, understanding what limits you in each posture. Learn all about the concepts of tension and compression and how tension can arise from a variety of causes, not just short, tight muscles.
  • Understand the difference between yin and yang styles of yoga
  • New generation anatomy and physiology — from the bones outward including the limits to movement and the significance of skeletal variation. How to use this information to avoid common injury pitfalls in the yoga postures.
  • Learn a unique way to deepen your overall practice and address tissues rarely worked in more active yang styles of yoga.
  • An in-depth study of the key Yin postures. Target areas, risk areas, how to adjust, prop, modify, integrate and counterpose.
  • How to correctly cue classes, and gauge unhelpful habits students often make, allowing them to relax and further release tension, whilst bringing about more meditative qualities to the class.​
  • How to switch the focus of a yoga practice and teaching from outer to inner, from aesthetics to functional. Explore mindfulness practices and how you can incorporate them into your yin yoga practice
  • Understand the roots of the practice, the philosophy and what it's all really about.
  • Insight into energy including prana, qi (chi) and the meridians, and Western energy medicine
  • Discussions on the best practices for teaching yin yoga and how to modify the practice for students’ unique bodies and/or specific conditions​. Find your voice, discover your powerful message, and learn how to intelligently plan a class.
  • Uncover tools to support you to develop an even stronger sense of self and personal relationship. The stronger you are on all levels, the more authentic and successful a teacher you will become. 



FULL PAYMENT :  £ 1250 


PAY BY INSTALMENTS : 6 MONTHLY PAYMENTS (First Payment £350 (DEPOSIT) + 5 monthly payments thereafter of £180 )




ADDITIONAL TRAINING (due to missed weekends) -

to be revised upon individual circumstances


The application fee of £350 is non-refundable - except in the case of a declined application. This programme is non refundable (minus application fee/deposit) - except in the event of unexpected medical circumstances. No refunds will be made after programme start date.


The 100hr Teacher Training programme at Stretchy Suzie's was created by Becky Szwandt - the founder of Stretchy Suzie's, a certified Yoga Alliance Teachers E-RYT. Becky has extensively taught & trained over the last 13 years and is continuously improving, investing in training herself, to make sure she's bringing you the most innovative and up to date programme. Becky has explored her passion and expanded her knowledge in various areas of the yoga world. Specifically for Yin Yoga Becky has studied the work of Paul Grilley, Sarah Powers, and has trained with Yujmu, Bernie Clark and Dianne Batts as well as trained in Thai Yoga Massage at the well renowned Sunshine School in Thailand. She brings her guidance and expertise to coach you on your path to personal transformation.


Upon completion of the course you will receive a 100-hour certificate eligible to be registered with Yoga Alliance and Yoga Alliance Professionals as CEPs, according to their requirements.



Students are required to follow all Stretchy Suzie's rules and procedures. Students will be expected to behave in a professional manner at all times. Standards of conduct policies include, but are not limited to:

  • No sexual harassment of any type or form will be allowed.
  • No substance use or abuse during Stretchy Suzie's School hours will be accepted.
  • No breach of confidentiality will be tolerated.
  • Please be mindful to personal hygiene during the programme.

Failure to comply with the standards of conduct policies may lead to conduct warning or dismissal.


One hundred percent attendance is required. Any missed hours will have to be made up before the end of the Programme. Tardiness will not be tolerated and will result in dismissal. All classes will start on time and students are expected to be present and ready to participate at the appointed starting time. Students that need to make up hours will be expected to pay a fee to join another course or to cover extra facilitation hours. If a student misses more than 2 weekends, they will need to join another course to complete their 200HR certification. Students are expected to notify Stretchy Suzie's if they intend to withdraw from the programme. Any student who fails to attend a weekend intensive without communication will be assumed withdrawn. Cancellation of classes due to unforeseen circumstances may occur. Additional Saturdays or weekends will be added near the end of the programme if a cancellation is necessary.


  • Complete application for admission.
  • Submit an application fee (deposit) of £350 (applied towards tuition, non-refundable)
  • Application requirements must be completed prior to first day of the programme.

​Thank you for your interest in The Stretchy Suzie's 100HR Teacher Training Programme. We look forward to providing you with a transformational experience. We will be constantly improving as we evaluate our programmes with input from our students. We hope you join us for the beginning of this exciting journey.


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  • Full (After Deposit)

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  • 5x Monthly (After Deposit)

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