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Manamaya kosha

Source Quote

After this he went again to his father Varuna and said: “Father, explain further to me the mystery of Brahman.” To him his father answered: “Seek to know Brahman by tapas, by prayer, because Brahman is prayer.” 3So Bhrigu went and practised tapas, spiritual prayer. Then he thought that Brahman was mind: for from mind all beings have come, by mind they all live, and unto mind they all return.


Kosha/s Explained

Here we experience ‘energy-in-motion’ (‘e-motion’) and is composed of manas or ‘mind’, this sheath relates to a sense of I and mine. It’s where the ego and sense of identity is held. It encompasses thoughts, feelings, desires, and other mental processes. The mind interprets and responds to the external world, shaping our perceptions and experiences.


Keep Elevated

We can use out emotions as a guidance system, giving clues to what we are thinking about. We feel not so good when our thoughts are out of alignment with our true Self; when we believe the lower limiting thoughts as true. When we start to take a dip emotionally, notice the underlying thought and work to uplift or get off the subject.


Explore in Yoga

Dive in and feel our body and energy body, paying attention to sensations and emotions. Working with the body our breath to balance the emotions. Become aware of what’s going on in our mind using the emotions as a guidance system to thought. Listen and respond to the information presented to us. Practice more consciously, experiencing the moment more fully taking this off the mat into life.
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