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DHYANA Mudra: "Meditation Seal" or "Gesture of Concentration"


1 Rest your hands on your lap, palms facing upward.

2 Place your right hand on top of your left hand, with the tips of your thumbs gently touching.

3 Keep your fingers extended and relaxed, forming a gentle curve with your hands.


DHYANA Mudra represents a gesture of meditation and inner contemplation. It symbolizes the state of focused awareness and deep concentration. This mudra is often used to enhance the practice of meditation and facilitate a connection with the higher self.


  1. Deepening meditation practice: DHYANA Mudra supports a focused and concentrated state of mind, facilitating a deeper experience of meditation. Use this mudra during your meditation practice to enhance your ability to enter a state of stillness, clarity, and inner awareness.

  2. Cultivating inner calmness: This mudra helps to calm the mind and reduce mental distractions. Incorporate DHYANA Mudra when you feel the need to quiet your thoughts, find inner peace, or alleviate stress and anxiety.

  3. Enhancing introspection and self-reflection: DHYANA Mudra encourages self-exploration and introspection. Use this mudra when engaging in introspective practices, such as journaling, self-inquiry, or contemplative activities, to deepen your connection with your inner self.

  4. Invoking a sense of serenity: Practice DHYANA Mudra when you desire to cultivate a serene and tranquil state of being. This gesture can be used in moments when you seek to find inner balance, restore harmony, or create a sense of inner stillness.

  5. Promoting mindfulness in daily life: Carry the essence of DHYANA Mudra into your daily activities by maintaining a sense of present moment awareness and concentration. Use this mudra when engaging in mindful tasks or when you want to bring a meditative quality to your actions.

  6. Opening to higher consciousness: DHYANA Mudra can serve as a gateway to higher states of consciousness and spiritual connection. Incorporate this mudra during practices that involve seeking spiritual insights, connecting with your higher self, or deepening your connection to the divine

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