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YONI Mudra : "Womb Seal" \ "Gesture of the Divine Feminine" 


1 Bring your hands to your lower abdomen, palms facing up.
2 Interlace your fingers, bringing the thumbs and index fingers to touch, forming a triangle.
3 Rest your hands gently on your lap or against your lower abdomen.


Yoni Mudra represents the feminine energy (Shakti) and the power of creation. The triangle formed by the thumbs and index fingers symbolises the yoni (womb or female reproductive organ), representing the sacred space of creation, nurturing, and the source of life. The interlaced fingers signify the union of masculine and feminine energies, emphasising the interconnectedness of all aspects of existence


Setting intentions: Begin your practice by incorporating Yoni Mudra to set intentions of self love / care and invoke the energy of limitless potential.

Invoking balance: Incorporate Yoni Mudra when feeling out of balance, when masculine energy is overly dominate, bringing about a sense of nurturing and care for yourself.

Focus and concentration: Like all mudras, practicing can sharpen your mental focus, improve concentration, and bring clarity to your intentions and actions.

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