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"You won't find it in a book, on a shelf; a deeper connection to one's Self. The voice of knowledge is within, past the layers of illusion, let's begin"
  • 16 Sept 2023, 09:00 – 18 Feb 2024, 17:00
    Bath, Robyn's Yoga Studio, 28 Milsom St, BA1 1DG, UK
    2023 Sept 16th 17th | 30th Oct 1st Nov 4th 5th | 18th 19th Dec 2nd 3rd 2024 Jan 6th 7th | 20th 21st Feb 3rd 4th | 17th 18th
  • 06 Apr 2024, 07:30 – 18 Aug 2024, 16:30
    Cardiff, 99 Woodville Rd, Cardiff CF24 4DY, UK
    2024 April 6th 7th | 20th 21st May 11th 12th | 25th 26th June 15th 16th | 29th 30th July 20th 21st Aug 3rd 4th | 17th 18th
  • 07 Sept 2024, 09:00 – 16 Mar 2025, 17:00
    Bath, Robyn's Yoga Studio, 28 Milsom St, BA1 1DG, UK
    2024 Sept 7th 8th | 28th 29th Oct 19th 20th Nov 9th 10th | 30th Dec 1st 2025 Jan 4th 5th | 25th 26th Feb 15th 16th March 8th 9th | 15th 16th




Whether you are teaching Pilates or/and Yoga for a while or starting on your journey. This programme is designed to give you a platform to, not only deepen your knowledge and enrich your teaching, but also to make you fall in love with the movement practices all over again



If you want to be one of the most magnetic, knowledgable teachers around, you cannot miss out on all of the valuable information contained in this training which we're super excited to bring. This training meets your where you are now, whether you are already teaching or wanting to step into a powerful journey of transformation, this programme is designed to give you a platform to not only deepen your own yoga practice but also an opportunity to empower your life and the lives of so many others both on and off the yoga mat.



Yin Yoga
Teacher Training

If you wish to expand your yoga repertoire, refine your skills as a teacher, increas your subtle awareness, improve the quality of your classes, balance out your yang practice and stay informed, with all the up-to-date information this course has to offer, then for all these reasons and likely many more, this training is for you! ​ Stretchy Suzie's Yin Yoga TT will take you to another level.

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