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Strength Sessions

Alex completed her Yoga teacher training at Stretchy's in 2020 and after 13 years of primary school teaching gave up her teaching job to pursue yoga full time and haven't looked back! 

She loves animals and the outdoors and taking her fur babies on lots of adventures especially if it includes an afternoon snooze after the walk!! 


She got married in August this year and is getting used to having to get used to spelling out her new Portuguese surname! 

Why do you teach yoga?

I started yoga to deal with crippling anxiety attacks and have learnt to use yoga and meditation to enable me to process my anxiety and give me inexpensive coping strategies. Yoga enables me to strengthen my body and free my mind and makes me a happier, more balanced person. 

Describe your teaching style

I teach a variety of yoga styles but I do love a strong flow. With my dance background my classes are all based on flowing movement,  fluid transitions and strengthening joints to help support and stabilise mobility at any age. 

If you were a yoga pose, what would you be?

A Triangle. Triangles are one of the strongest structures and are based on the fact they need perfect balance not only to maintain their shape but also to give support to others. I'd like to think I'm learning to be balanced in all things and am not only strong as a person but can be supportive to others.


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