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Yoga Teacher Trainings

From the self-confessed reserved beginner who could barely touch her toes or do a press-up when she first began yoga, Becky has steadily reconditioned her body and mind to become the dedicated practitioner that she is today. An ERYT with Yoga Alliance, who began her training in the fitness discipline, she reads widely on the subjects of yoga, philosophy and anatomy and aims always to incorporate this reading in her teaching programme. Though desirous to challenge herself and others, she is also aware of the need for meditation and relaxation. As a practitioner and teacher, Becky is attuned to the requirements of the group and designs every session with this in mind, showing flexibility of practice at all times

Why do you teach Yoga?

I love it!!

Describe your teaching style

This is a tricky one, I’ve explored many ways of presenting yoga throughout my years of teaching. I like using a multitude of techniques and disciplines, mixing it up to keep things fresh, in the moment, finding new ways to move and experience.

I like my classes to have a sense of purpose and direction, which way depends upon the student and the class type I’m teaching.

If you were a yoga pose, what would you be?

Child's pose. The child wakes early in the morning with an eagerness for life, ready to explore and learn.

They live in the moment, are true to themselves, makes the most of situations, embraces mistakes, try's new things, dreams big and ultimately has fun!


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