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Yoga Sutras
Sutra 2.39

aparigraha-sthairye janma-kathantā-sam-bodhaḥ

When non-greed is confirmed, a thorough illumination of the how and why of one’s birth comes.

Translated - Swami Satchidananda

Aparigraha, refers to the practice of non-possessiveness, non-attachment, and non-greediness. It encourages us to let go of material desires and excessive cravings, recognising that true fulfilment and contentment come from within, not from external conditions or possessions. As we detach ourselves from the endless pursuit of material possessions and desires, we create space for introspection and inner exploration. This practice allows us to go beyond the surface level of our lives and delve into the depths of our consciousness. By observing our thoughts and intentions, we gain clarity on what we truly want and how to manifest it. We gain clarity and understanding of the patterns and beliefs that have shaped our journey. We begin to see the interconnectedness of events and circumstances that have led us to this point in our lives. This awareness enables us to liberate ourselves from the entanglement of our past actions (karma) and the influences of our conditioned mind (samskaras). The energy of possessiveness, attachment, and greediness reflects a mindset of lack and a lack of trust in the flow of abundance. When we become to trust and experience this abundance and our power to align with our desires, we release the need for possessiveness, attachment and craving. Instead of grasping onto things out of fear of scarcity, we learn to let go, relax and allow the flow of abundance to guide us. We embrace a mindset of abundance, generosity, and gratitude, which leads to a more fulfilling and harmonious life. In this state of trust and alignment, we become co-creators with the universe, consciously shaping our reality. We understand that we have the power to attract and manifest our desires, and we do so from a place of abundance rather than lack. This shift in mindset and approach to life allows us to experience a deeper sense of fulfilment and joy. Moreover, aparigraha fosters inner steadiness and contentment. Acknowledging that we possess all we truly need within ourselves, we no longer seek fulfilment in external acquisitions. This inner contentment allows us to live with a sense of completeness and peace, regardless of our external circumstances. By embracing aparigraha, we find liberation and genuine happiness in the richness of our inner world. Other Translation : "When one is established in non-grasping, there is knowledge of the nature and purpose of existence." - Ravi Ravindra "When refrainment from covetousness becomes firmly established, knowledge of the whys and wherefores of birth manifests" - Edwin Bryant "On Attaining Perfection In Non-Acceptance, Knowledge Of Past And Future Existences Arises." - Swāmi Hariharananda Āranya
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