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Yoga Sutras
Sutra 2.40 & 2.41

śaucāt svāṅga-jugupsā parair asaṁsargaḥ | sattva-śuddhi-saumanasyaikāgryendriya-jayātma-darśana yogyatvāni ca

Purity leads to non-identification with one’s own body and to a freedom from the need for contact with others. | Purity of mind, cheerfulness, mastery of the senses, one-pointedness, and ability for Self-realisation follow.

Translated - Swami Satchidananda

Sutra 40 highlights the significance of purity (śauca) in our lives. Purity goes beyond just cleanliness of the physical body; it also encompasses the purity of mind, emotions, and actions. When we cultivate purity, we release ourselves from negative self-identification with the body, reducing attachment to external appearances and the need for validation from others. As we embrace purity, we develop a deeper understanding of the transient nature of the physical body. This realisation enables us to connect with others at a more profound level, beyond superficial judgments and appearances. Our interactions with others become more genuine, compassionate, and non-judgmental. Sutra 41 emphasises the positive outcomes that follow the practice of purity: Purity of Mind (sattva-śuddhi): As we cultivate purity, our mind becomes clearer, free from negative thought patterns, and emotional disturbances. This leads to mental clarity and emotional stability, allowing us to think more clearly and make wiser decisions. Cheerfulness (saumanasya): Purity brings about a sense of inner joy and contentment. Regardless of external circumstances, we can maintain a state of cheerfulness and happiness, knowing that our well-being is not dependent on external factors. Mastery of the Senses (eka-agrya-indriya-jaya): Purity enables us to gain control over our senses and emotions. Instead of being driven by external stimuli, we become the masters of our senses, making conscious choices that align with our higher values and goals. One-Pointedness (ātma-darśana yogyatvāni): Purity allows us to maintain focused attention on our spiritual path and higher purpose. We become more attuned to our inner self and inner guidance, directing our energy towards spiritual growth and self-realisation. Ability for Self-Realisation (ca): Purity opens the door to self-realisation and spiritual awakening. As we purify our mind, emotions, and senses, we become more receptive to higher wisdom and divine guidance, leading us to a deeper understanding of our true nature and connection with the universal consciousness.
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