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The Five Koshas

Source Quote

The koshas were described in the Taittiriya Upanishad embedded as three chapters (adhyāya) of the Yajurveda. The story starts : Once Bhrigu Varuni went to his father Varuna and said: “Father, explain to me the mystery of Brahman.” Then his father spoke to him of the food of the earth, of the breath of life, of the one who sees, of the one who hears, of the mind that knows, and of the one who speaks. (See other layers to continue the story.)


Kosha/s Explained

Through introspection, the yogis came to understand the intricate interplay of these dimensions. These five layers are not separate; they're interconnected parts of a unified whole. They constantly interact with one another. Our mental layers are of a different dimension to our physical body, but a contrasting event can impact our physical body strongly. The same is true of the emotions of our energy body. Our heart rate, blood pressure, all of the systems of the physical body, are altered by our thoughts and emotions. Here we delve into the different sheaths.


Keep Elevated

If we were more aware of the physical toll of our inner life, we might take more precautions against undesirable states. Suppressed emotion and uncontrolled outbreaks of emotion both lead to diss ease in the body. As we look at the different koshas, we will explore various ways of working with each dimension, that will help keep us elevated.


Explore in Yoga

The yogis realised their ability to impact different dimensions of themselves through their focus. Positive thoughts brought positive feelings, while negative focus brought negative feelings. We will explore how we can use our vinyasa yoga practice to explore each layer and further understand the impact we can have on that layer to effect the whole bringing us into a place of balance and inner harmony.
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