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Vijnanamaya kosha

Source Quote

After this he went again to his father Varuna and said: “Father, explain further to me the mystery of Brahman.” To him his father answered: “Seek to know Brahman by tapas, by prayer, because Brahman is prayer.” 4So Bhrigu went and practised tapas, spiritual prayer. Then he thought that Brahman was reason: for from reason all beings have come, by reason they all live, and unto reason they all return.


Kosha/s Explained

Here lies the higher level of the mind or intellect. This sheath can be thought of as the witnessing mind, observing our thoughts and actions. That aspect of our consciousness that is not entangled in what we are doing or thinking, but rather, acutely aware of what we are doing and thinking.


Keep Elevated

We can mindfully watch our beliefs, thoughts and stories about what we do and don't like, unfold. We can see things for how they really are and release these ideas and input whatever we may want to focus on, see or experience. There is no desire to fight, push away or control as we know reality. We can feel good with the way it is, knowing it is this way momentarily, what is right for us is always unfolding.


Explore in Yoga

Learn to pause and reflect before reacting. How can you bring understanding to this situation ? Become less distracted by random thoughts or occurrences and much less caught up in the anticipation of the next posture. Understand our inner drives, what’s really going on, on and off the mat. Begin to know what is happening in your body and mind as you settle into the posture, noticing the nuances. Find space for inspiration and tap into your inner source - Can meditation help or can you use another tool to help you to connect with your inner teacher?
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