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Massage Therapy

Why did you chose to be a holistic health practitioner?

Holistic health is something i deeply feel passionate about, while I am fascinated by the anatomy of body and how it moves and functions together I cannot deny the added layer of complexity of how our physiological wellbeing affects our body. I love giving being the time to rest, unwind and empower and help them to understand their body better. 

Describe your massage style?

It is hard to describe, over the last decade I have done a variety of different trainings so I often pull in different bits of techniques and knowledge to tailor each treatment to the individuals needs. I guess my style if fairly strong, often working with the deeper layers of the muscles but also relaxing the nervous system. The aim is not to give a painful massage where the person is tensing under the pressure, that would be counter productive. While the treatment can be strong it is also relaxing. 

If you were a yoga pose what would you be?

I love Lizard pose, It feels both strong and deeply opening. The pose gives me both a deep hip opening and a good quad stretch, both of these thing are great for resetting my body and posture. Tight Quads are the nemesis of our current sedentary culture.


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