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"Recommended for those with a bad back, who fancy sculpting a defined six pack. Taller posture and a strong, stable spine, this class will do you just fine."

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For the body

You'll sculpt and tone with high reps of isolating exercises.  You'll lengthen and strengthen holding yoga stretches and balancing postures. You'll be taught how to support the spine throughout movement without holding your breath. This class will do wonders for your posture, you might even gain some height!

It's a total body workout, that will work strength and endurance, flexibility, balance and coordination whilst targetting the 'power house' muscles (abs, lower back, hips and glutes). You will also fire up your deep stabiliser muscles that will stabilise your spine and pelvis.

For the mind

Focus, concentration and determination are needed to perform small precise movements and balancing postures, which is great for memory and clarity.  


Dynamic with stretch holds in between.

Hands - On 

Optional assistance is given to help you find your personal alignment for the exercise. 


Class suitable for all

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