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"Tensions to release, stiffness to erase?
gradually stretch at snail's pace.
Easy to follow, stop, hold each pose,
this is how a soothe session goes."

#yinyoga #passiveflexibility #staticstretching #releasetension #breath

For the body

The perfect balance to a busy and active schedule, the very slow class with stretch times of 2-5minutes helps you release tension, targeting the deep connective tissues of the body. All postures are 'yin' - supported by the floor, or with props, which will allow you to switch off your muscles and melt. This class increases flexibility, circulation and body awareness, observing imbalances, holding/postural habits. There will be optional counter movement or time to notice the afteraffects in between each posture. 

For the mind

Long pose hold times, gives the you space for awareness, and a great step in to mindful meditation. You'll be guided through only a handful of postures, seamlessly sequenced together to keep you in a non-disturbed and relaxed state. Train the mind to be comfortable with discomfort, until it passes, practicing non reactivity to the senses - a great lesson to take off the mat. Slow deep breathing, can be used to help calm the nervous system. Or natural breath can be observed and used as a tool of awareness, further focussing the mind. 


Very Slow (2-5min holds) 

Hands - On 

Optional assistance is given to help you feel the intention of the pose and to aid relaxation. 


Class suitable for all

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