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"If you've had enough of training hiit, but want to be, downright fit, roll out your mat, prepare to contort, move your body, release all thoughts."

#vinyasayoga #powerprogressions #stability #dynamicflow #activeflexibility

For the body 

You will move with more speed, into postures that require more strength. You'll be guided through many flows and always offered an option to invert or arm balance. You'll be encouraged to find your edge, do one more rep, and move to your limits. Postures are sequenced progressively, overloading the body, building maximum, strength, total body flexibility, balance and endurance.

For the mind 

Strength sessions work both physical and mental stamina. Whilst fully focussing on the flow, any hindering thoughts, will be slowed/stopped - great to clear a busy mind, continuing off in a revived head space. Yoga takes you from the sympathetic nervous system to the parasympathetic, basically meaning you'll feel less stressed and calmer. 

A soft whispering breath will be matched with dynamic movement throught the class. Other breathing techniques may be offered to balance energy, i.e to spark you up or to cool you right down (think dog on a warm day)



Hands on 

Optional assistance is given to help you find your edge. 


Class suitable for all

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